My Grandmomma hate it, but my little momma love it

Once I week, I spend a day with my Grandma. Normally, we go out to breakfast, check out a thrift store, watch some soap operas and maybe do a few search-a-word puzzles. This week was a little different, since my Grandma just moved in with my mom, we were spending time at her new house, trying to get her acquainted with the new environment. (She has Alzheimer''s hard with stuff like this.)

One thing she's enjoying is cable. She's never had it before, so we spent some time flipping channels and impressing the almost 83 year-old-woman with the marvels of hundreds of channels. She was loving it...Until I stopped on MTV to watch the video for my guiltiest of pleasures, Grillz by Nelly.

Below is my Grandma's reaction (that I couldn't help but take a picture of) of half-dressed women and men with shiny platnium and diamond teeth.



Blogger Kiomi said...

Hahahha, that's almost always my reaction too, I'm ashamed to say. ;-/ :-P
I should have been a grandmother, not a teenager!

11:58 PM  

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